Preparing Tea

Usucha means “thin tea” and is the most common way to prepare a cup of matcha. It only takes a couple of steps:

  • Use your matcha bamboo scoop (also known as a chashaku) to add one teaspoon (1.5g) of ceremonial matcha into your glass matcha bowl
  • Pour 80°C water into the bowl, just enough to cover all the matcha
  • Whisk the green tea powder with your bamboo whisk to form a paste with no lumps
  • Pour more hot water into your bowl and whisk for 20 seconds in an “M/W” formation until frothy
  • Pour your ceremonial matcha into a cup, or drink matcha straight from the bowl and enjoy!

If you prefer a cold drink, use room temperature water instead of 80°C, and serve over ice cubes.