Matcha Tea Sets Australia

Welcome to our matcha set Australia collection, where you can find the perfect blend of tradition and quality for your matcha tea experience. As a leading matcha business, we understand the importance of a beautiful, functional, and authentic matcha kit. That's why we've carefully curated a. . . Show More >


Each complete set comes with a matcha bowl, whisk, scoop, sifter, whisk holder, and your choice of Everyday or Ceremonial matcha.

Soak your whisk in warm water for a bit before whisking. This makes the bamboo bristles more flexible, ensuring a better froth. Remember, bamboo is a delicate natural material and can break if not handled with care.

Absolutely! Each item is available individually on our Matcha Accessories page.

Most accessories can be rinsed with warm water. Avoid using detergents, especially on bamboo items.

With proper care, your tea set can last for years. However, the bamboo whisk might need replacement with frequent use due to its natural composition.